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03 July 2010 @ 07:24 pm
Books, life, and other things.  
So as most of you already I love to read. I spend way too many hours every week reading but it's enjoyable to say the least. It was my love of reading that led me to be so active online. I had an email account for several years before I actually did anything more than dip a toe into the online world. Then I discovered a new author. Well, new to me. Kelley Armstrong had a couple books out already when I found her. Her author blurb mentioned her website and on a whim I checked it out. It wasn't long before I joined and soon I began to make friends. Thanks to my time there and the people I've met, both virtually and a few in real life, I've found new authors, joined other boards, became a mod and traveled to Canada. The thing that first drew me to Kelley's board was the opportunity to discuss with other people the books and authors I enjoy. Most of the people in my life have no interest in the genres that I read or think that I am wasting my time reading them. To finally have people who shared my tastes and could discuss them without trashing them was heaven.

A few people that I have met via Kelley and Patty's boards have their own book review blogs and one, the owner of the The Falcata Times, asked me to do a book review. Additionally, someone on Twitter, who I met at patty's board, also asked me to do a review. I enjoyed doing them and have decided to use this blog as a place to occasionally post my thoughts concerning books, authors, publishing, etc. and some reviews.

So, have any books you want to see a review on? Have a book that you want to post a review on? Do you have thoughts concerning books in general, authors, publishing, etc? Speak up and let me know. Let's talk. :)
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